Recent Films

Finding Gaston - Trailer

BUSCANDO A GASTÓN is a tour of Peruvian gastronomy on the heels of chef Gastón Acurio, in his quest to use cuisine as a catalyst for change in his country. The documentary shares stories, dreams and flavors from a country caught up day to day in the power of cuisine. -- cinelasamericas

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Clyfford Still Documentary

Produced in collaboration with the Clyfford Still Museum in Colorado, CLYFFORD STILL is a feature length documentary about a visionary, original, mysterious and uncompromising artist. -- Work in progress

Clyfford Still Museum

Mi Amor - Trailer


Middle-class Riju works in banking. He professes to believe that the fundamental values of a family are love and faith, but he secretly dreams of meeting unknown women through a chatroom app recommended by his colleague. MI AMOR is an examination of identity in relationships in the modern techno world. --



ISLAND is a short documentary on three artists living and working on the border Greek island of Samos. Produced for the exhibit Land Art (Telling Trees) by artist Cristos Koutsouras.


Design by Women: Pathways of Creativity

Alissia Melka-Teichroew

DESIGN BY WOMEN: PATHWAYS OF CREATIVITY is a series of 360 films profiling contemporary industrial product designers created for Miami Dade Museum of Art and Design.

Landscape Sublime - Anastasia Samoylova

ART LOFT is a weekly 30-minute art program showcasing local artists, exhibitions, performances, and, arts organizations that are positioning South Florida as an emerging leader in the world of

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