Beyond Assignment 

Three dedicated female photojournalists covering Mexico, Israel and South Africa demonstrate the commitment required to access insular communities and report on complex, underexposed and often uncomfortable issues. BEYOND ASSIGNMENT examines the artistic and ethical responsibilities inherent in capturing vital subject matter and the subsequent emotional cost to journalists and their subjects.-- beyond

Mistura: The Power of Food

MISTURA: THE POWER OF FOOD documents the largest food festival in Latin America and a country's passion for food.-- misturadoc

One Water - Trailer

ONE WATER celebrates the myriad ways water has touched human lives around the globe and explores our changing relationship to water as it grows ever more perilously scarce.--

Carmen Herrera: 5 Degrees of Freedom

Produced alongside the first major retrospective of the artist in the US, CARMEN HERRERA: 5 DEGREES OF FREEDOM provides a glimpse at the unwavering working method and circumstances under which the painter conducted her art.



An unemployed ex-office worker (Anna Thomson) searching for work floats a fragile line of sanity as she struggles to find friendship and companionship.  Director Amos Kollek.

NYT review